The Secret of the Storyteller

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Praise for The Secret of the Storyteller:

I’m really impressed…deep, profound, spiritual and philosophical. ~ Marylin Rice

I thoroughly enjoyed it…so well done! The subject matter is timely and intriguing. Cannot wait to see it in print! ~ Morgan Thomas

I found it very well-written…this is an engaging story with a meritorious message that is also fun to read! ~ Paul Bowersox

So fast-paced and suspenseful! So intelligent and academic in the nicest sense of the word! ~ Connie Wessinger Tucker

Wow! I am truly blown away. As a writer of Spiritual Fiction I really appreciate expressing metaphysical concepts in such an intriguing fashion. The descriptions pop, the story is ‘shown’ through the characters and the plot is allowed to unfold naturally. Also, begins with conflict to hook the reader (well done!) THE best I’ve read…you my friend are my hero!! You have a fan here. Both story and message are fantastic. ~ Marty Hough


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