E.M. RichterMaybe synchronicity brought you here.
Maybe fate.
Maybe serendipity.
Maybe a blog post, a link, a tweet, a friend, or a mysterious entanglement of all of these.
Maybe you found this page through Brave Ecstatic Woman or The Secret of the Storyteller, or from the page Merav Richter.

Now that you’re here, please make yourself at home.
Look around, you might just find some magic and miracles.

About Merav

Merav Richter is a best-selling author, Inspirational Speaker, Two-time TEDx Speaker (The Full Spectrum, Is the Search for Happiness Making Us Unhappy), Poet, Philosopher, Comedian, Performer, and Passion Advocate for giving “Voice to the Voiceless”.

While pursuing her Degree in Philosophy, Merav fell Madly in Love with Traveling the World. A Passion that she has been Able to Continue Through her 25-Year Career with a Major International Airline.

Since becoming inspired by the Words of the Dalai Lama 2012, Merav has written Three Best-Selling books, “The Secret of the Storyteller“, “Brave Ecstatic Woman“, the Most Recent One She Co-Wrote with Her Nine-Year-Old Daughter, “The Search for Maya”. The Mother-Daughter Dynamic Duo was able to Raise both Funds and Awareness for Autism Acceptance.

This led Merav to create the inaugural Open Skies for Autism Initiative, an annual charitable event, taking Children who are on the Autism Spectrum (and their families) through the Magic of Flight, without Ever Leaving the Ground!

Merav Hosts Writing Retreats and Workshops around the World. She also loves teaching Online and In-Person Courses.

Merav Particularly Enjoys Finding Fresh and Funny ways Embrace all of Life’s “Turbulent” Moments.