Be Brave to Be Brave

Be Brave to Be Brave

Have you ever thought of why you stay small?

Why you don’t step into the life of the glorious goddess you were meant to be?

Here’s the thing – you stay small because you’re scared to death of failure, but you’re even more frightened of success. It takes courage to step into your greatness. It takes bravery to prioritize greater self-awareness and consciousness in your life. You must be audacious to look for opportunities to expand yourself, your potential, and your world. Igniting your ecstasy might be the most courageous thing you ever have to do, but it is also the most natural. Ecstasy is programmed into your core being; it is a spontaneous instinct. It may be challenging, yet you need to exert no effort at all to be ecstatic. On the other hand, it takes great effort to be miserable. That’s why you feel so tired, because misery is real hard work; to maintain it is difficult because you’re doing something that’s against your nature. When you’re in misery, you’re swimming upstream. Cocooning yourself in layers of fear has kept you miserable. What you resist persists, so the more you numb yourself from shining the light on your fears, the more those very things will keep repeating, in one form or another. You must boldly peel back the layers, remove the masks, the shells, the façades, to uncover your own higher purpose and know your True Self.

How do you know you have found your True Self?

You follow your fears.

In fact, when you are faced with your deepest fears, you are opening yourself to the most amount of self-growth. It goes way beyond your goals, your ideals, your body. It goes beyond your superficial identity yet is lovingly linked to it. Your true self fulfills you. It’s your dharma, your destiny, guiding you. Your true self is your inner light, your connection to the wisdom of your life force: your essence.

Fear is not your enemy. It is a compass pointing to
the areas where you need to grow.


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