Destiny has a shadow side—a heavy, overwhelming power that seems beyond our control.

The unaware think that their shadow is a part of the density of the planet, a world beyond their control.

The enlightened know that their destiny and its shadow are one.

Many people fear shadows. And there are those who fear their own destiny. They are trapped into a destiny by their fear.

Besides our destinies and shadows, we also have bodies. Just as we are trapped by our destinies and their shadows, so too there are those who are imprisoned by their bodies. They believe they are their bodies; they are controlled by their bodies and believe when their bodies die, so will they.

Do you feel like you are a prisoner of destiny?

Instead of being held captive, you can become an enlightened soul who drives forward your body, your destiny, and its shadow. Do you truly want to? If you want, you can do as you will. You just need to know the key. Are you ready to receive that key?

Is it in your mind? Your heart? Or your brain?

You already have the key; you just need to see it.

If you know that in your body there is an energy body, you are already halfway to finding the key. The key is in the energy body—not your thoughts or worries. It’s not in loneliness or sadness, either. Those are shadows, not substance.

Shadows and destiny exist, but they have no life. Your true self is the substance, the director of the play of your life, who can move your destiny, shadows, and body. Your true self is the infinite, eternal energy of the universe that contains all wisdom and creative power. By being conscious of your energy body, you become aware of your true self. Then by focusing on your true self energy, you fully integrate your mind and body with it.

If you know this, you can change your destiny, and even its shadow.

Just as each person has a shadow and destiny, so too our society and planet have a shadow and destiny. Those who can heal their relationship with their shadow, can heal society.

What can change this is not a god outside our bodies, but a god within our bodies.

So we should search for the Creator within ourselves, not somewhere around us.

That is the Creator we seek to meet.

The Creator is the key we seek.


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