Embrace the Darkness this Halloween | Finding your Light

The ancient mystics refer to today, as Samhain, and more commonly known in North America as Halloween. It is the time of the year when that we begin to descend into the darkness of winter. It’s a time associated with death, dying and what I believe to be letting go. What does this mean? Or, what do I mean when I say – embrace the darkness?

You see, nature has its courses that we know or expect are coming. More so, we are given that chance to prepare. This might be by pulling out those warmer clothes and coats. Perhaps it means finding those winter boots and scarves. But, what do we do for ourselves to prepare?

Not (solely) for the colder weather – deeper than that.

Embrace the Darkness – Going with the Flow

When we allow ourselves to flow with the cycles of nature, we tend to feel more connected, creative and have more energy. It is a time we reflect on the living world and honour those, who have passed on. You see, the Christians adopted this time and referred to it as Hallows Eve. And, is commonly celebrated on October 31.

Hallows Eve was to recognize the evening before All Saints Day in the Christian belief system. Where, Halloween has its roots in the ancient, pre-Christian Celtic festival of Samhain, that I mentioned above. The Celts, who lived 2,000 years ago in the area that is now Ireland, the United Kingdom and northern France, believed that the dead returned to earth on Samhain.

As we prepare to enter Samhain, the traditional time for honouring the dead and the ancestors, I wanted to share a couple ways to embrace the darkness that lies ahead in the inward cycle of the year.

Lifting the Veil …

This day is the first time in the calendar year – that we start to lift that veil and uncover, the darkness. It is the time of the year that the veil becomes thin, we are conscious and to some degree pay homage to those who came before us – and those, who passed on (or crossed over).

Getting in Touch with our own Darkness

The days begin to feel shorter, don’t they?

We begin to experience longer moments of darkness – physically. And, emotionally when we live in this world of positivity – law of attraction, I want you to ask yourself …

When is the last time you looked at your shadow?’

Almost feels taboo in asking that given how hard we work on ourselves to leave that shadow, and strive for greatness. But, you see I want to quote Carl Jung here for a moment – I believe it will help paint the imagery necessary to understand why that shadow is important.

‘One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.’

He was quoted saying dozens of other quotes related to this very topic. Teaching us how to deal with others darkness when we are aware of our own. Or, it is only in the darkness we can truly see the light. I believe we need to shine the light in those ‘cracks’ of darkness – and we will be stronger because of it.

And, I want you to understand that this will not be easy. However, I can assure you that journey (because it will be exactly that), worth it.

Nourish who you are

Through the summer months, those that involve the highest light, much of our energy is projected outward. It is a time that perhaps subconsciously our light is so bright that we lose touch (a small piece) of creativity. We become focused on that external drive, social and fun times.

So, naturally when the days gets shorter – to some degree they can feel longer. It is a matter of refocusing that energy. It is in the darker days we are often the most in tune with who we are. Our passion and focus can reach unimaginable heights – when they are cared for.

This can be called the dreaming time. It is when we can receive creative inspirations which are seeds we can sow at the beginning of the next cycle of growth.

A Time, to Let Go

In alignment with what Samhain is defined to be – honouring those who have passed on. Reflecting on those who came before us. This can be a time of deep reflection for you. A time to identify the things in our lives that require their own time to move on. The chance for us to let go of things that may be holding us back.

Letting go can be so many wonderful things. That element of feeling a weight lifted off of you. The experience of not feeling held back – but instead propelled forward. This stage, this opportunity is the real time to embrace the darkness.

Pull tighter on the things that matter most.

Let go of the things that had served their purpose.

Embrace the Darkness, Your Darkness

I want to encourage you to invite in the darkness. The Celts had something they called the Silent Supper.

And, it was just that – a time when things were quiet, mute. Find a parallel in your life and who or what you invite to this supper.

Reflect on the things you keep quiet.

That darkness.

Find your light.

I would love to hear about the enlightenment, the challenges and the victories by commenting below, connecting with me on Facebook or alternatively, connecting with me privately

Until then,
Be Brave,
Be Bold,
Be you!

Much Love,

embrace the darkness

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