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The role of women in stories has changed dramatically over the years. Originally, the woman was almost defined as a prop. Someone fortunate to attain a hero’s love. For example, she might be a damsel in distress — save me! Therefore, parts played by women reflected their roles in society. In turn, a woman who stepped outside of the norm often experienced tragic results. In Brave Ecstatic Woman, we discuss 7 Feminine Archetypes, and in this post I want to spend some time there.

The sexual power of women has always been recognized.

For example, fairy tales began to focus more on women as leading figures, and those stories remain popular today. The Disney movies you might be familiar with, feature strong and determined heroines. Ones, that are compatible with contemporary female roles.

What is an Archetype?

An archetype is a model of behaviour or pattern of energy that is easily recognizable to human beings. We can identify with archetypes as they are primary characters or personalities of the human condition.

Archetypes are everywhere. They are played out in fairy tales, movies, books, television shows, in our families, our work environments and amongst our friends.

For women of the 21st century, it can be a bit harder to find a strong feminine role model.

Although you may have strong mothers, grandmothers, and aunts, in this stage of evolution you may be working on goals that are often misunderstood by your living ancestors.

Thus, this is where your chosen female heroine or archetype comes in.

In other words, an archetype isn’t defined by any specific characteristics. An archetype can be anyone who has a trait or traits that you admire and would like more of in your life.

In addition, it is here that you can draw inspiration and strength from them.

7 Feminine Archetypes in Brave Ecstatic Woman

Although there are many different frameworks that work around the same principles of female archetypes — there 7 feminine archetypes we will focus on moving forward.

  1. Earth Mama
  2. Wild Woman
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Love Goddess
  5. Story Teller
  6. Wise Woman
  7. Enlightened Mystic

Throughout the latter part of the book, Brave Ecstatic Woman, we discuss the above mentioned seven (7) feminine archetypes. And, included with those, are charts that define various characteristics and descriptors;

  • Shadow
  • Excess
  • Strength
  • Weakness
  • Fear
  • Challenges
  • Powers (feminine and masculine)
  • Energetic Expresson
  • Therapies

… and much more.

Humans are hardwired to respond to archetypal images in ways that are beyond their control.

Discovering goddess influences within a woman can guide her into creating her own true life story. Instead of a story directed by others. Such understanding and inner access can guide a woman into making conscious choices that have personal meaning and fulfillment for her, as an individual.

Understanding feminine archetypes offers a woman very specific means of increased self-awareness, her relationship to her lover, her way of parenting her children, her self-expression and creativity.

Archetypes — From Fiction to Life

While they can serve as a useful guide in shaping the ‘female character’, real women are often a combination of archetypal characteristics or are different archetypes in different settings.

A woman could be the boss at work, the nurturer at home, the activist when it comes to issues of importance to her. You can of course substitute these names with those that relate best with you, including the ones from the descriptions below.

feminine archetypes

The 7 Feminine Archetypes Explained

[these descriptions are modified, and adapted excerpts from the book Brave Ecstatic Woman — for a complete understanding, please reference that book or connect with me below, let’s chat about it!

Earth Mama

This is THE archetype for what it means to be a woman. This does not imply that you need to be another to children but that the core of your essence is one that thrives on nurturing and caregiving. It is probable that at one point in your life, you idolized your mother or caring teacher from kindergarten.

Key Attributes include; courageous, confident, humanistic, strong-willed, spontaneous, responsible and more.

Wild Woman

You may have been her at one point. She is the woman who walks into a room and all eyes are on her. She possess that mysterious factor, one that magnetizes both men and women. It can be assumed that she is a little crazy at times — but only in the best way possible.

Key Attributes Include; enthusiastic, happy, positive, abundant, pleasure-seeking, sporty, and more.

Wonder Woman

Remember the damsel in distress we referenced earlier? Wonder Woman is instead that ‘Damn Fine in This Dress!’. Chances are good that you are rocking whatever you are wearing. In other words, you don’t let anything stand in your way. Defined as the mistress of your intentions and desires.

Key Attributes Include; good-humoured, confident, creative, practical, optimistic, and more.

Love Goddess

Face it girl, there are poems written about you! You, are the pinnacle of feminine grace. You, are the dream. However, you may exist in a place of loneliness until you learn how to unleash this power.

Key Attributes Include; understanding, open, loving, adaptable, sympathetic, humble, and more.

Story Teller

Your voice captivates everyone. This might be in business, your family, politics, and even the simplicities of life. Because of your confidence and abilities of being open and flowing — you are able to communicate all of your desires.

Key Attributes Include; loyal, tactful, inspiring, inventive, truthful, caring, cautious, and more.

Wise Woman

Have you ever turned on a flashlight known as your intuition and found your life’s purpose? Often referred to as the essential spark. This deep inner wisdom is what makes up this feminine archetype. This ability may even be the sixth sense. You are ready to dive deep into both your light and your shadow.

Key Attributes Include; flexible, practical, fearless, truth-seeking, keeper of hidden knowledge, and more.

Enlightened Mystic

This great spirit is disguised as a human woman. The underlying question here is — what does your soul ache for? Think about this, is there something you would give your entire life for? Something even more important than breathing? Find it and your life will explode with ecstasy.

Key Attributes Include; graceful, blissful, divine, devoted, deep, and more.

What are your thoughts on the feminine archetypes? 

Can you relate to more than one?


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