Feminism isn’t just about Equality and Women’s Rights

There seems to be confusion about the definition of feminism, would you agree? Allow me to first set the stage for you. In recent years, when I focused much of my energy on the law of attraction I had eliminated what I perceived, as negative energy in life.

And, like many people — cable television was one of the things I eliminated.

However, I found that we can’t really escape the media, can we?

I found myself reading snippets through social media or news alerts on my phone. The media is everywhere. And, since I have progressed through my journey of life, I welcome the controversy — to some degree. I believe in facing life head on and managing, dealing and coping with the things that use to make me uncomfortable.

I will share more of that with you, soon.

Back to my lack of cable TV.

The 60th Grammy’s happened earlier this week. And, still without television I was following the coverage through trending affairs and social media. A few observations — not many women won, and there was a great deal of chatter around what women will and will not stand for, anymore.

One example, was the speech given by Janelle Monae.

“Tonight I am proud to stand in solidarity, not just as an artist, but a young woman with my fellow sisters in this room who make up the music industry. Artists, writers, assistants, publicists, CEOs, producers, engineers, and women from all sectors of the business. We are also daughters, wives, mothers, sisters and human beings.

We come in peace, but we mean business. And to those who would dare try and silence us, we offer you two words: Time’s up.”

The Time’s up movement was launched around the Golden Globes in 2017. What came next was also interesting (powerful even …) Kesha’s performance of ‘Praying’ where she was joined by the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Camila Cabello, Andra Day, Julia Michaels and Bebe Rexha and the Resistance Revival Chorus.

Was this an act of standing for what we Believe to be, Feminism?

The term gender equality, while it sounds nice enough, can be damaging to a women’s ability to effectively challenge the barriers that all women, to some extent, experience within their lives.

You might say, women do not exist as a gender, instead we exist in female bodies.

The word gender, is a term for the socially constructed stereotypes. Ones of masculine and feminine, a hierarchy created essentially, by men. Gender equality highlights the importance of having equal rights and equal treatment in different social situations for both genders. As an example, there might be situations where both men and women engage in the same type of work, but men are paid more than women.

However, when we define feminism as gender equality, are we really advocating the equality and respect for masculinity and femininity?

Thus, not for living, breathing people who exist?

What are your thoughts on feminism?

Differences between feminism and gender equality may seem almost non-existent as both speak about equal rights. However, there is a difference. Both feminism and gender equality are very critical topics especially, today.

Feminism is bigger than that. It encompasses an array of ideologies and some not even specific to women. There is dialogue  about men being feminists too.

Again, we’ll explore that more another day. 

Instead of saying, “Women can do anything a man can do,” what if we were to recognize that women can do amazing things that men can never do. Like, our biological differences — the ability to create life — is a gift.

What if we celebrated all that we are, as women.

Often people confuse feminism with misandry, which means the hatred of men.

Please understand that is not the position of what I believe feminism to be. In my book, Brave Ecstatic Woman there is a chapter called ‘putting the fem back in feminism’— it’s about coming in with a new rule book, a new consciousness. And with that, I circle back to the Grammy’s.

Are we experiencing back lash because of these movements?

Has the pendulum swung too far?

Despite (or perhaps because of) the patriarchy of many organized religions, feminism and spirituality have long-standing, if not universally accepted ties, from ancient goddess worship to contemporary Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Wiccan/Pagan and Muslim feminisms.

Should the common goal be to empower women to make choices about and contributions to their own spirituality as they engage in their work.?

Both feminism and spirituality focus on quality of life issues.

Or do they? 

Is there still a widespread hunger for spiritual nourishment, and for making sense of the world’s complexities? One might say that religions do that, not by their dogmas or doctrines, but by the fact of connecting people who want to ask questions together and try out various answers, collectively.

Beautiful souls, I would love to hear from you by commenting below, reaching out to me on Facebook or alternatively, connecting with me privately

Until then,
Be Brave,
Be Bold,
Be you!

Much Love,

fearlessly female

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  1. Hello my Sweet!! I too have unPlugged from TV/Cable but continue to clue into what is happening through Facebook friends on both sides of the political aisle. Read about and heard about the whole Grammy thing. My first thought was who cares if you didn’t win the “prize”? A freakin statue for Godess sake!! That is not the essence behind the Feminist Movement!! It’s about our voices being heard and that is exactly what each nominee was able to put out into the ether. Winning at all costs is an entirely Patriarchal trait which should be the antithesis of our Femininesensibilities. Competition, contests, conquering, enslaving,…. it has all brought our Gaia to the brink of ruin and the end to us as Humankind. I myself have been querying the roots of my almost constant need for validation of my decisions about my life choices and future. Damn Eclipeses!! Love your searching mind and emotive responses as well as your intellectual seeking nature! Keep it coming Darling!!

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