First, the Foreplay

Journey is a fire-starter

Before we begin, I want to clarify what this journey is NOT.

This wisdom is not a series of techniques or exercises that you do on your own.

It is not a “How-to” manual.

It’s not a “one size fits all” blanket answer.

It is a reflection into yourself, looking at your individual archetype – it’s shadows and excesses.

It’s a cherished girlfriend, a candid confidante, and a sacred sister whispering secrets in your ear. This journey is the wise, wild, and wacky best friend you’ve always wanted. And, if by chance, you’re lucky enough to already have such a woman in your life, share this journey with her. Like yours, her path is also ever expanding

Most of all, this journey is a fire-starter. It will take you on a journey within yourself, traversing your own version of the Shero’s Journey, and coming full circle, into the most radiant, luscious, and luminous version of you.


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