Are you Wasting your Wishes on that Genie in the Bottle?

Legends about magic lamps and a magical genie hidden within them. Perhaps the most famous is the story of Aladdin. A poor young man who learns he is not bound by his fate. But instead, has the free will to achieve what he desires.

And, this lesson did not come with a thrifty price tag.

In fact, the story has been twisted and turned multiple ways since its fame and fortune. Although, life has the way about it, doesn’t it? And that, is what makes it even more … magical.

I am part of a year long program that helps us uncover, aspire and grow into what we want out of this world. This was something I took part in through 2017 and again in 2018. And, after some reflection today I realized that at this moment, one year ago I am not in the same place I anticipated.

Not that this current space is any less my ideal, but it is, different.


Surreal, even.

I was posed this question this morning …

What do you hope to gain from this years’ course?’

I had to pause. Because isn’t it interesting how we do things when we know or alternatively when we don’t know, the outcome of something. Or even, what’s possible. We could attribute this to many things but I would gather the most common would be similar to that of the genie wishes — more so, the wasted ones.

Your Encounter of the Magic Lamp and its Genie

  1. You discover a magical lamp
  2. You rub the lamp
  3. The magical genie appears in a cloud of mystical smoke
  4. The genie grants you 3 wishes

How likely are you to believe this to be true? If we are anything alike, which I am confident we are, you probably don’t wish for anything ‘real’ at first. Perhaps you wish for a cup of coffee. This wish giving you an opportunity for the genie to prove itself.

But alas! A cup of coffee.

OK, lucky shot — right? Has to be. So, you wish for a boat to join you on this sandy beach you find yourself to be on. I mean, there’s no way right? And then suddenly, a rustic red row boat appears.

Chances are you a now feeling that you have wasted those first two wishes — and to some degree you would be right. However, what do you do with that third wish? Would you be totally sold on this magical genie yet? The jury may be out on this one, it is possible you would waste the third wish wanting a yacht or something.

Let’s try an Exercise Together …

Consider this an opportunity to change the fate of your wasted wishes with the genie. A chance to change things. Now keep in mind there are a few things that this genie cannot grant you. They include the obvious such as; world peace, more wishes, equality for all, eternal life and unlimited wealth.

Take a moment to think about this Beautiful Souls. Write them down. Commit to these three wishes. (be sure to let me know in the comments below what they were if you are comfortable sharing!)

Equipped with your wishes, this genie will grant you all three. Providing of course they fall in line with the specs provided above.

But, I feel as though…

I am surrounded by dreamers, wishers and doers —

— and with that, you may have blurred those lines a little, right?


These wishes however, should be realistic wishes. The genie cannot offer you world peace, or perfect health. What the genie can offer you are three simple wishes that will change your life for the better. Well, if that didn’t create all sorts of hidden pressure, and nervous energy I don’t know what would. But this, is what makes the lesson so much more powerful.

Here are some examples of simpler wishes this genie can reward you with…

You cannot wish to live forever but you can wish for the motivation to exercise and/or eat right every day.

You cannot wish for perfect health but you can wish to enjoy eating healthy, or become a vegetarian and/or have no cravings for sugary treats.

You can wish for both job security and to be happy in your career but that will require two of your wishes. Do you want to decide which is more important? Well, you will have to if you desire both.

The Desired Outcome …

Once you overcome the thought of untold wealth and start analyzing what small changes you could make, reveals key areas of life you need to develop. It gives you a self-realization that these simple wishes are totally obtainable.

Once you have identified these simple changes you need to make in your life you realize do not need a magic lamp, you are the genie of your life.

Outcomes occur because of decisions you make. You have the ability to wish for things you cannot see, or begin to imagine even. That is how it felt for me. Realizing that I was responsible and a true testament to that was all the things I have accomplished, collaborations I have initiated, and all things in between — was amazing.

wish the same for you.

Lastly Beautiful souls, I would love to hear from you by commenting below, reaching out to me on Facebook or alternatively, connecting with me privately.

Until then,
Be Brave,
Be Bold,
Be you!

Much Love,



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