Hugh Hefner’s Death a Foreshadow to Weinstein

Earlier this year, Hugh Hefner – the icon of masculine sexuality, passed away. Through his career, he brought to the forefront experiences that turned men on sexually, This included women’s bodies being displayed in sexual manners for men’s pleasure – versus sensually.

His death, brought about mixed emotions everywhere it seemed. The media was careful in their news reports (depending of course on the news outlet). Whereas social media, seemed all over the place.

To some degree – we can assume, women weren’t sure how to react, or feel.

Hugh Hefner and his Playboy Bunnies, were commercialized greatly over the course of decades. He represented an era, and archetype of sexuality. Whether you agree or not, this fortune he created based on sexualizing women. Through images, magazines, film and editorials – that was who Hugh Hefner was.

Hugh Hefner passed away and only a matter of weeks later we watched countless women of the Hollywood elite come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein.

Who was Hugh Hefner Anyways?

Was Hefner a liberator or an exploiter?

Did he help break off shackles of needless self-denial for both men and women, allowing a casualness in relations between the sexes. Thus opening pathways for feminism to pursue broader equality? Or, was he just a pornographer hiding behind the scenes to sell dirty pictures — legitimizing, glamourizing, even intellectualizing the mindset of a predator?

In the end it wasn’t really about Hefner, of course. It’s the social transformation he merely cashed in on. Sexual liberation itself and all that it is said to be— that inspires so much ambivalence.

Could we call him an archetype? 

Essence, Representative, Quintessence, Prototype, Embodiment. 

The question would be what did Hefner represent?

And, who is Harvey Weinstein?

Weinstein, the admired movie mogul is now exposed as an abuser to the stars. Plus, those who enabled him and made excuses — rather than ever asking whether something larger has gone wrong with our culture. There of course, is speculation that there were accusations for years prior that simply were ignored.

Sexual harassment, assault and abuse in the workplace has taken on much new meaning in present years than it did in past. Or so his publicist wrote.

Has our era has become ‘resigned’ — as if to the flu— to a kind of sexual anarchy? 

For decades however, Weinstein appeared to be untouchable.

That is, until recently.

The elite stopped protecting him. The charade was over. Rumours turned into accounts on the record and, soon after, the floodgates were opened. Since then, an enormous number of Hollywood actresses have come forward, accusing Weinstein of everything from ‘inappropriate behaviour to all out rape.

The Hugh Hefner and Harvey Weinstein Connection

The script in their histories of sexual assault and coercion sounds familiar to far too many women…

‘I can help you’

Alternatively, sometimes it’s, ‘I can ruin you’

‘I just want to talk with you’

‘I know what you want’ (or you know what I want)

Collectively, we struggle to categorize these men. Unwilling to let their shared trademark—or perversion—define them. One can’t help but wonder if there was a relationship between Hugh Hefner’s death, and Harvey Weinstein’s long list of accusers. Mystics, historians and spiritualists have always believed that there is always a changing of the guard.

And although we are seeing a change, a new era being ushered in — the old age bringing in the new age — the problem is we currently don’t have a new guard. Someone who is looked upon as a role model when it comes to sexuality.

New age of sensuality

Furthermore, what is interesting is that when we look at museums in Europe as an example and we consider the way women are displayed there – sexual Goddesses. They are curvaceous, very sensual and sumptuous. They were looked at this way, and still are, by both men and women.

It was representative of a much different time, a sensual one.

The Shift

… we saw this happen through pixelation. Let me qualify. Things became linear, crossing lines thus creating images. It is where television was born, and ultimately internet porn. And now, the shift is occurring again as. we are starting to come out of that era.

The era of the Hugh Hefner, the Playboy Bunny, and the centrefold.

Why is this all unraveling now? Why did these stars come forward at the same time? When Weinstein was protected by the elite, the actresses who tried to tell their stories were told no one would believe them, to shut up, that it was no big deal.

My question to leave you with is this; who will we see step into that role — that quintessential role we saw Hugh Hefner play for so many years. Are we prepared? What would we need to do to prepare?

Could this be, a new sexual evolution?

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Until then,
Be Brave,
Be Bold,
Be you!

Much Love,

Hugh Hefner

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