The Intersection Between Science and Spirituality

It is truly amazing, especially in the fields of studies such as neuroscience and quantum physics, just how much knowledge our ancient cultures had regarding the true nature of reality. In many cases, modern day science is in fact catching up to this ancient knowledge. Many scientists have explored the intersection between science and spirituality.

From Galileo to Einstein.

These forward thinkers have all looked through the lens of science at the more intangible corners of the universe.

Too often, science and spirituality are viewed as opposing disciplines that by nature happen to collide with each other. This is without a doubt true when misguided Biblical interpretations are used to ignore the historic record of the universe, in order to support the magical beliefs.

At a much more fundamental level, science leads to ‘wonder and awe’ about the cosmos and life as we know it.

… so why the clash?

Science and Spirituality should not be thought of as Separate

Well, because one person may even suggest that they are actually, highly compatible.

They are complementary, needing each other to make something whole, something bigger than either of them alone. Properly integrated, they permit a level of understanding that amounts to much more than their total.

‘Properly integrated’? The verbiage, is suggesting a truly deep and intimate engagement between human beings and science, both at the individual level and at the communal level of society.

In 2009 Daphna Joel, a neuroscientist from Tel Aviv University, decided to teach a course on the psychology of gender. And, as a feminist herself, she had been interested in questions surrounding sex and gender. But as a scientist, her research had been mostly on the neural underpinnings of obsessive-compulsive behavior.

However, it was in this time that she started her year long research around the male and female brains. Stepping away from the more familiar linear thinking that we have been conditioned to do, without asking why.

The alphabet as one example, right? (check out my thoughts on this here)

The Feminine and Masculine Outlook

This ‘theory’, known as the feminine outlook has been viewed as a ‘holistic, simultaneous, synthetic, and having a concrete view of the world’. And, the masculine as a ‘linear, sequential, reductionist’ one explained by abstract thinking. Although other experts who began to recognize the intersection of science and spirituality, believe that every individual is generously endowed with the features of both.

And yet, for thousands of years we have been honouring this linear thought process, or otherwise known as sequencing.

At what cost?

Well, the truth is…

… we have been doing so at the expense of the female brain, or outlook.

I believe however, that we are entering a time of life that was predicted many moons ago. We are approaching a balance, an intersection if you will.

An intersection we will call, Science and Spirituality’

Would it be too much to proclaim that I believe we are seeing these ancient predictions come into fruition? And that THIS is a beautiful time to be alive!

Most of us have, at times, experience the unusual state of spiritual or artistic awareness that many handily, but incorrectly, associate with the right brain.That state of awareness can arise during an experience of beauty, eroticism or silence. Often the experience comes in nature as well.

Such states can also emerge during the artistic process, while writing, probing dreams, painting or enjoying music.

It should go without saying that such transcendent experiences can occur at religious services. However, they can also arise at ordinary times, while holding a baby or even just daydreaming.These psychological states have been called many things including;

  • experiences of peace
  • unity
  • wholeness
  • grace
  • profundity
  • oneness
  • insight or deep contentment

All the talk about left and right brains doesn’t necessarily help us understand these states, the good news is researchers, with advanced technology, are making new connections between spirituality, art, the brain and states of consciousness. Exciting to say the least.

Are you familiar with the prophecy that makes mention of Humanity, being built on two sides of the bird?

  1. The masculine side
  2. The feminine side

And, following with what was mentioned above …

For a long time, the feminine side has been suppressed whereas the male side has been the dominant one, the ‘stronger’ side. However, parallel to the predictions this side is becoming increasingly tired and we are starting to see the feminine side emerge.

Some people have referred to this time as the ‘Age of Aquarius’, among others — but the important thing to note is we are fortunate to witness this shift. Humanity has grown tired, similar to the bird, of going in circles.

Shall we meet at the intersection?

Lastly Beautiful souls, I would love to hear from you by commenting below, reaching out to me on Facebook or alternatively, connecting with me privately.

Until then,
Be Brave,
Be Bold,
Be you!

Much Love,


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