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First, we have the new moon which is sometimes called, the dark moon. During this phase, the moon is not visible from the earth. This is because the sun is not lighting the side of the moon that is facing us. It is the energy aspect of the Goddess. This is the time where we set our intentions for the lunar cycle.

Consider the intentions or goals to be the seeds and/or the creative energy within you.

Therefore here, is the fertile ground in which you will plant them.

The new moon lasts for about four days and can truly set the tone for the rest of the lunar cycle.

All the things you do with respect to the energy you focus on during the new moon is important. It is time to establish your vision so that you can use the remainder of the lunar cycle to welcome it into fruition.

A full moon is always a powerful time for meditation, energy healing, recharging your energy field and chakras. That is why so many cultures celebrate rituals and ceremonies that take place during full moons.

The full moon shines down so much pure energy

It is as though anything it touches can’t help but feel its radiance and love. The supermoon effect amplifies that power making it even stronger.

Do you ever notice you are out of sorts around the same time each and every month?

Have you looked up to the skies and noticed that big, beautiful ball shining fully?

Is there a correlation?

4 Ways to Connect with the Power from the Lunar Cycle

Create a Lunar Cycle Ritual 

Interested in a moon bath? Take a walk under the light of the full moon. Set out your crystals or special altar items to clear their energy. Write reflections in your journal. Choose one phase of the moon to be your special time and get creative. This may also be a time to draw your Tarot cards. Do, what feels right.

Connecting with Nature

Enjoy the fresh air and help yourself gain perspective. Remember how tiny you are. How your small, significant life is connected to so many others — all of them in fact. Once you start to feel that lunar energy in the outdoors, you will want to spend more time there, I promise.

Honouring Women

For a long time, associated with the Goddess energy, the moon phases can be good reminders to express gratitude for the women in your life. Whether you identify as a woman or other, pay respects to your feminine side and to those who have nurtured you.

Be Intentional 

Set aside time to assess goals as mentioned above. Meditate about or write out your dreams and desires. The New Moon is a time to do this because of what appears to be the empty nature of the darkened sky, can be filled with the light of your intentions.

Light up that sky beautiful soul!


The Lunar Cycle and your Emotions

Emotions are often magnified during a full moon. Are you familiar with people saying, ‘it must be a full moon’  when things start to go a little off track or crazy?

Since emotions are so easily accessible during this time, it is a perfect opportunity to acknowledge them, and release them. This will help clear your chakras, and allow for the healing energy of the full moon to work its magic.

Journaling, is also beneficial right now. Using this method is ideal to release those energies, document your intentions, and refuel your thoughts.

The Lunar Cycle and your Body

The most obvious way our bodies are influenced by the lunar cycle is seen in our menstrual cycles. It is no coincidence that the length of the average menstrual cycle is around 28 days. In fact, since ancient times, many cultures have referred to women having their menstrual periods as being on their moon.

One of the most interesting things about the lunar and the menstrual cycle is that, even in modern times where many women are not connected to the lunar cycles, they still experience the effect of the moon to some extent.

For example; when women live together, their ovulations and menstruation tend to be in sync.

There are no coincidences. 

When you harness the goodness from the lunar cycle, and reap the benefits of those energies — the possibilities know no bounds. Anything and everything, is possible.


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Until then,
Be Brave,
Be Bold,
Be you!

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