Mental Instability can also be a Sign of Great Visioning

In more recent times, including 2018 we have been faced with hearing of one more celebrity taking their own life. With sadness and/or empathy, names include now Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain to name only two. These names, join the list of Robin Williams and Kurt Cobain. And yet, we continue to find ourselves in a place that suicide is taboo to speak about. This title, ‘mental instability can be also be a sign of great visioning‘, was a phrase of mystics.

And so, I wanted to shed greater light in this regard.

Mental Instability does not Discriminate

There is no picture we can paint that would illustrate a demographic in which mental instability solely resides. It lives in men, women and children. It makes its home in people of all nationalities, religions and beliefs.

And, what we continue to learn is that mental illness is prevalent in every socio-economic class too.

However, despite the number of people that are affected every single day there is still so much work to be done. We know that some conversations are harder than others. This topic; be it suicide, mental illness or referred to also has a mental instability needs attention.

Imagine for one moment being able to see much beyond yourself. It is said that mental illness (health) goes far beyond our own understanding. That these brains, these brilliant minds are incredible powerful. And, in these ways their minds become their worst enemies.

In addition, because of a lack of understanding both literally and figuratively there continues to be this shadow that hangs over the topic.

We can’t just Focus on the Positive without Acknowledging the Shadow

And so, let us shift for a moment to this dark place. If we are able to see these incredible abilities through the ‘celebrity’ status; influence, wealth, advocacy, etc. what has them feeling so outside? So alone? And, so distant from what we see as their audience.

Sexual Assault and/or Molestation.

Child Abuse.

Terminal Illness.

Severe Auto Immune.

Each of these topics have gained mass exposure and focus thanks to celebrities.

Mental Instability (Illness, Health).



Each of these topics, are ones not spoken about in even remotely the same light.

Beautiful souls I challenge you to this question, this idea and/or this mission; what is it going to take in our world to get to a place where mental health is no longer a stigma? What can we do in this present moment and these current times to take steps in the right direction?

Seeing Past the Misconceptions

Suicide which ultimately is seen as the last resort after a battle with mental health should not be the only option. And yet, it is easy for us on the outside to say ‘go speak to a professional‘, what we fail to realize is that, it’s much bigger than that. Starting with even feeling safe or comfortable to do so. We are stagnant even in the assumption that anyone can ask for help.

But, have we considered how difficult that can be?

Have we considered the stereotypes that follow close behind someone after asking for help?

The statistics surrounding suicide are alarming — and growing. There is a good probability that you personally have been affected in some way by these tragedies. ‘Mental Instability‘ or, these amazing visionaries need our help. They are not only celebrities — they are our friends, our family and our coworkers.

They are our neighbours, our children, our heroes/sheroes.

Lastly Beautiful souls, I would love to hear from you by commenting below, reaching out to me on Facebook or alternatively, connecting with me privately.

Until then,
Be Brave,
Be Bold,
Be you!

Much Love,

mental instability

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