The Woman I Want My Daughter To Be

When I think about my daughter,
I see with clarity,
I have to be the woman
I wish for my daughter to be.

I want for her to giggle,
As she loses herself in dance,
And if she’s ever asked to try,
She’ll be eager for the chance.

I want for her to always sing,
Regardless of the song,
Her voice will be encouragement,
For others to sing along.

She’ll walk tall and proud, and full of grace,
With eyes that softly glisten,
And when she’ll speak, her words so wise,
That everyone will listen.

She’ll revel inside of her own skin,
Her image appreciated.
The gentle swaying of her hips,
Her femininity cultivated.

She’ll love with ease and passion,
She’ll live with no regrets,
She’ll strive for everything she wants,
She’ll be grateful for what she gets.

What I want most for my little girl is;
I want her to be free.

I want to be the woman
I wish for my daughter to be.

~ EM