Next-Level Girl Power What Would Wonder Woman do?

When (or if) you go to see ‘Wonder Woman,’ do not leave your sons at home. Of course, take your daughters too, because you will want them to witness this next-level girl power of the title character. But the point is not just to show our children that women can be heroes (or sheroes). Instead, the point is to show our daughters and sons alike where true heroes get their strength. What would Wonder Woman do?

Recently, I took my daughter Ella to see the new ‘Wonder Woman’ movie. And, it’s. not so much what happened with her during it but afterwards. After leaving she was fighting (nicely) with her brother – yelling things like ‘hi-yah‘ followed by a karate chop! And, I have to say my sons (older) were incredible about it.

They were letting her pin them down, and show inferior (in fun).

Next-Level Girl Power

How important was this for her?

Additionally, how important was this for me, as her mother?

Especially, during a point in time where self-esteem for many young girls is at an all-time low. This story and film can help demonstrate that women can be strong and independent. In a society where we are still stepping away from the idea that to be a strong woman, you need a man. In my opinion, it is extremely beneficial for people, especially young girls, to see that to be a strong, independent women, you need not only yourself but to believe in yourself.

Awakening the next-level girl power! Which leads me to this; what would Wonder Woman do?

I wonder (no pun intended) if this is something you’ve ever asked yourself. More recently, I find this topic of discussion being had around the circles and places I spend time in. Whether it be around the dinner table or at networking events.

The premise being what would Wonder Woman do? WWWD

If this woman was placed in today’s society what would this ‘next-level girl’ do? How would she dress? Would she exercise? Yoga maybe? What would her eating habits look like? Where would she frequent or hang out with friends?

Would she mediate? Love traveling? Perhaps a creative?

I encourage you to think about this – take yourself to a place of imagination and thoughts on what would this woman look like in today’s work. And, how we could demonstrate or pull out our own next-level girl power from this thought process.

Something else worth noting and ‘true’ superhero fans may grasp this concept a little faster but, what was her superhuman power? Would you be surprised to realize that she in fact wasn’t ‘born’ with one? But instead, equipped herself with the right tools and resources to create this next-level girl power – or, strong and powerful woman.

What can you take from that? Something you could apply to your own life? I would bet for each of us this would be yes. And although the yes may look different for everyone I do believe there are many lessons and ideologies we can grab from this woman we know as Wonder Woman.

What can our Sons Learn from this Next-Level Girl Power Concept?

… or am I crazy to think anything? 

The common cultural or societal responses to female and male aggression reveal a double standard. Young women who abuse their social power are often given the hard-to-shake label of being ‘mean girls,’ while similar behavior among young men is often attributed to because ‘boys will be boys.’

When we stop subconsciously even, dismissing young male aggression and at the same time slow our judgmental reactions to what we view as young woman aggression, we can have fair conversations with our children. We can ask whether it’s ‘OK’ for boys to tease each other, or for a child to watch a boy be teased and say nothing.

Additionally, we can wonder if a young woman might be punished for assertive behavior that is consistently overlooked in young men, and what actions should be considered out of bounds for anyone.

Although our children won’t face the epic evildoers of the DC Comics world, they will certainly encounter real life ones. Wonder Woman (aka Diana) delivers an example of a leader who draws her strength from her humanity, and uses it only to protect herself or to defend others.

That, is some next-level girl power we can all draw from. Do you agree?

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Until then,
Be Brave,
Be Bold,
Be you!

Much Love,

next-level girl power

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