Prelude to Bliss

Have you ever met a woman who has fire behind her eyes? Who walks into a room and all heads turn to look at her? The woman who attracts into her life love, abundance, and laughter like a vibrant magnet? The woman who seems fearless in the face of any challenge?

How about the opposite? Have you ever met a woman who has dull, vacant eyes? Who seems to live under a perpetual cloud of resentment or anger? A woman in whose company you find yourself commiserating over her misery? And as cliché as it may sound, when you’re with her, you fully come to understand the adage “Misery loves company”?

Which one would you rather be?

If you chose ecstatic, then you’ve come to the right place. This book will show you how to do just that.

How have you been living so far?

If you answered low energy, lackluster, or anything short of lit up, this book won’t let you live that way anymore. This book will not let you dim your sacred sizzle, or keep your yummy juiciness on the back burner any longer.

First, the Foreplay

This series of posts is not meant to be a “How-to” manual; it’s a cherished girlfriend, a candid confidante, and a sacred sister whispering secrets in your ear. This book is the wise, wild, and wacky best friend you’ve always wanted. And, if by chance, you’re lucky enough to already have such a woman in your life, share this book with her. Like yours, her path is also ever expanding.

Most of all, this is a fire-starter. It will take you on a journey within yourself, traversing your own version of the Shero’s Journey, and coming full circle, into the most radiant, luscious, and luminous version of you.

The Human and the Divine

The wisdom of women has long remained hidden. In fact, the root of the word secret comes from the Latin secretus — which means “hidden.”

Through ancient wisdom and modern methods, this book reveals the hidden secrets of women. The feminine mysteries that have long been suppressed hold the power and ability to ignite a fire within you, a fire that can transcend the boundaries of ordinary awareness, physical limitations, and corporeal consciousness.

This bridges the dichotomy between your humanity and your divinity. In a quantum leap, you can jump between two worlds, the world of rational thought and the world of infinite possibilities. This book will take you hiking through the Himalayas one moment, and tapping into your hidden potentials the next, from intuitive insights in the afternoon to raucous laughter in the evening; from moments of epiphany in the morning to dancing to the drumbeats of a rave all night long.

Your spirituality does not negate your humanity; don’t let your humanity negate your spirituality. When you find your wings to fly, please remember you have feet to walk with as well. Pierre de Teilhard, the French philosopher and theologian, once famously quoted that you are not a human being having a spiritual experience, you are a spiritual being having a human experience. In pursuit of your spirituality, don’t forget to have your human experience. And while you’re at it, you might as well make it the sexiest, spiciest, most scrumptious human experience that you can!

(excerpt from the book Brave Ecstatic Woman)

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