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There is a surge, an energy moving across our planet. Waves of women everywhere feeling the stirrings of inner strength and inner power, awakening to the sacred feminine. The Red Tent. If you are not familiar with this story, this necessary book – I urge you to be. In keeping with The Red Tent principles and concepts, we will be discussing them in our Red Tent Rituals, and hope you will join us.

The sacred feminine is the experience of being woman that is whole.

Revering the life force that moves through us, and that is us. Unfortunately, this is not so prevalent in the ‘mainstream’ of our current culture, not yet that is.

The Red Tent Rituals are a structured experience designed to celebrate life.

It creates a container in which we can learn more about ourselves and our relationships with others. A ritual deepens our connection to our psychological and spiritual centre.

An excerpt from The Red Tent E-Book;

There are thousands of women across the globe who are bringing forth their gifts as Red Tent leaders in their communities. Women who are standing in their power are essential to shifting present paradigms; these pioneers are a balm to an ailing world. But after years of oppression, how do women rise up out of trauma to remember the beauty that lives at one’s core? How do we strip away that which prevents us from rising as wise female leaders? This reclamation work is what many are a part of because when we find our voices, our inspired action, and our needed vision then we stand a better chance at creating a world we can thrive in. And it is with this spirit that the Red Tent movement has flourished as a global phenomenon.

The concept of a Red Tent, also known as a moon lodge, menstrual hut or dark moon meeting, was brought back into mainstream popular culture by this 1997 novel The Red Tent by Anita Diamant.In the bestseller, a fictional retelling of the rape of minor Biblical character Dinah, the female characters take refuge in a hut known as the Red Tent whilst menstruating or giving birth.

It is here, in The Red Tent, they find mutual support and shared wisdom from other women in the tribe.

Might be bold of me to say but, this novel has tapped into a yearning for female companionship and support I believe. It is as though we miss the sisterhood. We have been led to believe, and falsely mind you, that women are all against each other and in competition.

But it is just not true when you look beneath the surface.

Changes in our culture are necessary. And, I believe that women are going to build infrastructure for our lives that includes support for our womanhood journey.

The Red Tent Rituals and, its Ideologies

This is a way for women, to take our inner momentum. That feeling like the time is now and come forward with everything we are. Including who we are as women and give us a place to incubate, dream, slow down, and not have an agenda or plan. And, at the same time knowing that much is waiting for us in this not knowing place but we need to make time for the empty space.

It is also not only empty space but instead, a woman space where we can share stories, laughter, songs, food and honour our unique cycles — regardless of what that might look like.

Inside the Red Tent Rituals, we give ourselves time to remember who we are at our very core of our being. Honouring and remembering. I believe that, and hope you will join us. And by us, I mean our community of women on Facebook longing for that same, space.

In the quiet and sometimes celebratory company of wonderful women, feel.

In what you feel, there is much that is waiting for you.

The last 2000 years (or so) have been dominated by men. We are a patriarchal society and women are often, second. Women are reclaiming their authentic power. It is not the ego based power we have been taught to recognize. Women’s power comes from within, comes from the heart, comes from being.

There is something not only powerful on a spiritual level when women come together — but physically too. We create a hormone called oxytocin – one that is responsible for the neurotransmitters to the brain. Being together, sharing, talking, crying, and laughing – we are unstoppable once we step into that power.

The Dalai Lama once said,

‘The world will be saved by the Western woman’

Lastly, I believe he is right. I believe we all have the power to save and change the world. Especially when women are collectively gathered – be it physically or virtually – the possibilities are endless. There are no ceilings where I come from. Unless of course, they are glass ones.

I would love to hear about your experience with the Red Tent, the challenges and the victories by commenting below, connecting with me on Facebook or alternatively, connecting with me privately

Until then,
Be Brave,
Be Bold,
Be you!

Much Love,

red tent rituals

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  1. Merav,

    I’d love to join you even though I likely won’t catch the videos live. What do I need to do?

    Lisa Marie

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