Shadow Work and 6 Ways This is Happening | Without you even Knowing

There is a lot of talk about love and light in the spiritual world. But to feel that love and light, we need to heal the deepest parts of ourselves. These are the parts we may consider ugly and distant. Shadow work is where we shed light on the dark and become the light instead of pretending to be.

These parts may be hidden, but what we may not realize is that they are an integral part of who we are.

They are necessary pieces of ourselves that make us whole.

What’s interesting, is that it is possible we are doing shadow work and not even realize that we are. And, what I need you to know is that our shadow,  is not an evil place. It is a beautiful place once we discover it and know how work on it.

The practice of shadow work expands our capacity for self-love, meaningful relationships and the possibilities we see for our lives. But the work we must do along the way can be dirty, we need to dig deep. There may be times you find yourself going there — but it feels uncertain. Instead of that exciting us, we fall back into what is safe. What I hope for is that once you learn of the six (6) ways to know you are doing shadow work (even if you didn’t realize) you will see how powerful this place is.

Your portal to power … 

Six Ways to Know you are Doing Shadow Work

Digging into your past traumas, and blockages. This may be a journey you are experiencing on your own – or, it may be part of a group therapy session. Wherever this is taking place, it is in those dark places. It is in a place that has likely been buried – wedged into a dark corner of your mind (or memory). This is the place where those demons might live. However, these traumas are causing blockages. Once you learn to release them, work through them and manage them — you will open yourself to greatness.

You begin questioning everything, especially your belief system. In this place of your journey you are questioning why you do things, feel things, think things. You wonder if you feel this way because of cultural beliefs. And, you may question if this was something you bought – someone sold it really well, and you bought it.

Every time you think, feel, even catch a whisper of something going on, you question it. It is bringing you to a place of being present, conscious and very aware. This can be a scary place, especially on certain topics we question – and that, is OK.

It is all part of the shadow work.

You fall in love with your dark side. And yes, since I am sure you are asking — this may be that wild, kinky or taboo side. This can also be a place where you no longer fear being a badass. In this place, you may not be buying into the law of attraction – the fluffy stuff if you will.

I like to refer to this area as almost freeing – it is like you are letting your shadow side out to play a little! This is probably a side that most people don’t know about you. Almost making it even more … exciting?

Your eyes are wide open to projection – and maybe even some judgement. Think of the last time you may have called someone a name. Perhaps you called them shallow, a snob, or even mean. What we know is we often project onto others how we are feeling about ourselves.

That saying, when we point a finger there are three pointing back.

When this happens – figure out where you are in that equation. When you see these traits or qualities in others ask yourself this ‘why can I see this in that person?‘ This is part of the journey that you recognize you are coming up against your shadow.

You fear, less. Now let’s be clear here, I am not insinuating you become fearless. Because you see, fear is a natural emotion. It is one that arises when it is trying to protect us from something. However, in this area of shadow work (without even realizing you are doing shadow work…) it means you are fearing things less. This often happens when you are no longer attached to the outcome. You have distanced yourself from that final destination and as a result, you are not feared by it.

You become very intentional with your manifestation. This may be very confusing from someone on the outside looking in, and good thing the journey is yours and only matters how you feel about it. People may perceive this area as you being ‘lucky‘. They feel this way (or so we assume) that it’s because they are seeing you achieve things.

It is seen as you are getting everything you want.

And, though this may be true – since we don’t believe in luck – you are receiving these things because you have been doing your internal work. You are ready for the things you are attracting into your life.

Own that — You worked for it.

Lastly, I would love to hear about shadow work – be it intentional or not. Was there anything about these six steps that stood out for you? Have you caught yourself doing it without realizing? Would love to hear from you by commenting below, connecting with me on Facebook or alternatively, connecting with me privately

Until then,
Be Brave,
Be Bold,
Be you!

Much Love,

shadow work

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