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The words Mind, Soul, Spirit and Oversoul are often used interchangeably. In most cases people have only a superficial understanding of these words and no concrete idea of their true nature. A lesson I learned from my Kabbalah teacher years ago left me with these lessons. The lesson(s), revolve around the understanding of soul, spirit and oversoul.

A question I was posed recently by a friend was ‘are you living in your spirit, or are you living in your soul?‘. And, this prompted me to dig deeper into my own understanding. Thus, reflecting on my own lessons.

Let’s consider these few examples, or definitions rather, before we continue.

What is the Mind?

The mind is the center of the soul. The core of the spiritual body. Because,when the mind is in its original state, it looks like a perfectly shaped ball located at the center of the soul, close to the heart. Different areas in the mind include;

  • Will
  • Emotion
  • Intellect
  • Reason

Running through the body is the part that controls spiritual wisdom. And, it connects you with brother and sister souls in the spiritual world, or in other words, your ‘subconscious‘.

‘Your mind is a reservoir of potential; the heart an ocean of strength; your soul a well of talents; and your body a vessel of power’ – Matshona Dhliwayo, Canadian based Philosopher

What is the Spirit?

‘Spirit’ is essentially intelligent energy. Which, has become individualized by the gathering or output of energy. This spiritual energy is the source of all living beings: humans, animals, plants, and even minerals.

However, the spirits of animals and plants are not as individualized and advanced as those of humans.Much as,, each human spirit has an individuality and the ability to think. Whereas, animal and plant spirits usually live as collective consciousnesses. How individual the souls become, depends on the level of each spirit’s consciousness.

‘The body is an outstanding source of strength; the mind an incredible source of intelligence; the heart an uncommon source of might; and the soul a remarkable source of power’ – Matshona Dhliwayo, Canadian based Philosopher

What is the Soul, the Oversoul?

Mostly, we call ‘Soul’ the part of the spirit that takes the form of the physical body in which It lives. It is in this form that the spirit takes on spiritual refinement on Earth. The spirit is free in form compared to the soul. Whereas the oversoul is defined as a spiritual essence or vital force found in the universe where souls participate and  therefore transcend individual consciousness.

‘The world rewards you for what is in your mind, the universe rewards you for what is in your heart, and the Heavens reward you for what is in your soul’ – Matshona Dhliwayo, Canadian based Philosopher

What is the Difference Between our Soul and our Oversoul?

Sometimes a human hand is used to describe the relationship between the two. The fleshy part of the hand represents the oversoul, where a soul is represented by one of the fingers.

Therefore, this may imply that there is more than one soul that is associated with a particular oversoul. However, this of course is entirely left to your interpretation and level of understanding and acceptance.

In the process of these wonderful experiences your soul created for you, you always have free will.

This amazing place of shift is adding to how you experience both your higher self and your soul. As you begin to remember or identify yourself and return to higher levels of consciousness, aspects of you and the higher self are going to merge very rapidly.

As a result, when you begin to experience yourself, greater levels of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that the higher self island will begin, to be who you are.

Three Levels of Soul

To circle back to the lessons from my Kabbalah teacher, my understanding is this; There are three (3) levels to this. Starting with spirit — think of it as this place of inspiration. It is where you feel filled with something outside of yourself.

Furthermore, we move into soul. And, as described above, this is something all living things possess. Now, given there are different understandings about its depths and abilities — the belief is this is something that humans and animals alike, have one.

In conclusion, the oversoul. This is the place of being effective and reflective. In addition, our individuality brings us together as part of the larger soul – humanity.

Which Place are you Living in?

Furthermore,my wish is that you are living in all three.

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Until then,
Be Brave,
Be Bold,
Be you!

Much Love,


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