Surrendering the Myth

If life were but a myth
would it still intrigue me so?
Would the futility of time
find me in a state of flow?

If time is only relative
then where do I find space?
Can I conceive of my position
and perceive me in my place?

If position’s an enigma
and objectivity a ruse,
then is it any wonder that my senses
get so eagerly confused?

If my senses can be fallible
and report what is not real,
then what of all my passions,
the emotions that I feel?

If passion is the impetus
and reason has me act,
then that is my reality,
and that becomes my fact.

If life is but a myth
depends what I decide to know.
Surrendering and surfacing,
are the soul seeds that I sow.

~ EM Richter