The Changing of Our Age


Every age or epoch begins with the birth of new ideas and ideals.

These ideals enter the collective consciousness first as memes then as popular themes.

New possibilities of of living and relating begin to emerge and permeate our social structures. As such, new aspects of the psyche begin to reveal themselves, like a flower’s petals opening up and revealing the blossoming buds.

These new social, economic or relational forms affect us as emerging thought-forms, which become the basic foundation of the ideals that our civilization is built upon. They form the underlying structure of ideas and energies upon which every single dimension of our lives is built.

Because the next ten years are going to look nothing like the last ten years.

During this time of societal shift and the influx of conflicting energies, aligning with the ideals of your heart is imperative. The shifts in all facets of our lives are changing the way we interact, relate and do business. And that could be a good thing, or that could be a bad thing. It all depends on what you choose to follow; the old paradigm of competitive, prescriptive, and linear growth, or the newly emerging paradigm of heart-centred, relational, and collaborative ventures.

Magic happens when you follow your heart and vision.


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