The Elusive Ecstasy

The Elusive Ecstasy

Have you ever thought about ecstasy?

(And no, I’m not talking about the drug kind).

I’m talking about that feeling of transcendent bliss, that euphoria that washes over you at certain moments in your life. That rush of heightened emotion that you get that almost equals an orgasm, but has nothing to so with sex (or sometimes it does).

Can ecstasy be taught? Caught? Bought?

Yes, on all counts.

But, here is the secret of all secrets: Ecstasy does not need to be found, or brought to you from an outside source. Ecstasy already exists within you. This isn’t about a process of self-improvement; it’s simply a self-discovery. It’s not about learning something new but awakening a dormant potential that already exists. It’s not about becoming something that you’re not; it’s about igniting the spark within you, and stoking that fire.

So, how do you ignite that ecstasy?

And, once lit, how do you keep that fire going? Even in times of despair, or the times when your world seems to crumble, your jeans fit too tight, your finances are a mess, your romance has dwindled to a mere shrug, your career a vague shell of your ability, your energy, libido, and joy all stuck at an all-time low?

Are you able to perpetually live in ecstasy at all times?

We’ll answer that question in the next post.


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