The Reluctant Marketer


Yes, I’m finally ready to admit it.

It’s true.

I am coming out of the proverbial closet.

Here it is – I am a reluctant extrovert.

There, I’ve said it.

I know, I know. It makes sense, I’m a writer and a poet. Aren’t we supposed to be deep and brooding, filled with existential introspection and a deep introversion? Isn’t that how we can make sense of the human experience as well as we do? Isn’t it our ability to look inwards, and at worlds beyond this world, our very capability of diving into the depth of the soul, like mermaids reach into the depth of the sea, what makes us artists?

It’s a funny dichotomy; the intrinsic traits inherent in the artist seem to be the antithesis of traits inherent in marketing the art.

Shouldn’t an artist’s job be to just make great art? To paint a landscape of such beauty that people can’t resist it? To create such brilliance and then let the public come to it, as if by osmosis? To write the words that touch, inspire and transform people?

Well, yes.

And, no.

In this world of sound bytes and video clips, of a myriad of distractions all vying for our attention, of a collective consciousness that is just asking, begging, for something deep and meaningful, we artists need to raise our art above the din.

So we are left with two choices; to be the Bee or to be the Flower.

You see, the Bee works very diligently to retrieve the nectar from all of the flowers in its vicinity and bring them back to the hive. The Bee’s job is integral to the society it lives in, and to the environment that surrounds it. But, the little Bee gets tired. After a full day of buzzing around, it can never reach beyond where it’s little wings can take it. And, while the Bee gets a lot of job satisfaction from, well, being a Bee, it can never really have an impact of making something truly magnificent from its work.

The Flower, on the other hand, knows exactly what her purpose is. She blossoms exactly where she is and produces beautiful, aromatic nectar. All the Bees from miles around flock to her, as she gladly bestows her gifts on them. She enjoys the process, because for her, creating beauty and radiance is an act of artistry. And she loves creating art in abundance. She knows that the more she produces, the more the Bees will find her and take her art back to their hives.

It is the same in today’s marketing world.

You can choose to be the Bee or the Flower.

I know which I choose.


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