The Search for Maya | Most Inspiring List on the Spectrum

As many of you know, the first part of the summer my daughter and I have been writing a book called ‘The Search for Maya’. This book was her idea and there was no question I would support this want for her. And, we are happy to announce …

I couldn’t be more proud of her, truly.

The Search for Maya and its Purpose

In case you missed how this book adventure began, this post here > Writing a Magical Realism Book | A Story of Autism < will help fill you in. The vision so simple and yet incredibly profound. We see this on a much larger scale than a mother, daughter project. This is much larger than supporting my gifted daughter with this request.

This, is about giving voices to the voiceless.

There are so many misconceptions about people and children with autism. It is our goal to debunk that. You see, the experience of this spectrum is so broad and often misunderstood. We rarely credit the genius that is found within these brains. We ‘blame’ outside factors for it occurring (or not) instead of celebrating their gifts.

10 of the Most Inspiring Humans on the Autism Spectrum

This list, may or may not surprise you … 

  1. Tim Burton – Movie Director
  2. Emily Dickinson – Poet
  3. Albert Einstein – Scientist & Mathematician
  4. Steve Jobs – Former CEO of Apple
  5. Jerry Seinfeld – Comedian
  6. Dan Aykroyd – Comedic Actor
  7. Daryl Hannah – Actress & Environmental Activist
  8. Charles Darwin – Naturalist, Geologist, and Biologist
  9. Alfred Kinsey – Sexologist & Biologist
  10. Satoshi Tajiri – Creator of Nintendo’s Pokémon

And, what I believe to be interesting about this short list is that, it barely scratches the surface. These named, were born and discovered in a time that Autism was a faux pas. It was a topic rarely spoken about, and minimal supported. I believe that as time goes on and as my daughter grows older .. we will see more incredible minds making up these lists.

We, would love for you to be apart of ‘The Search for Maya’, in whatever capacity you are drawn to.

September 22, 2018 is our Book Launch Date and we will release further details in the coming weeks.

Lastly Beautiful souls, I would love to hear from you by commenting below, reaching out to me on Facebook or alternatively, connecting with me privately.

Until then,
Be Brave,
Be Bold,
Be you!

Much Love,

The Search for Maya

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  1. I look forward so much to reading this.

    I truly believe that it is important to celebrate all shades of ‘differing ability’. By dismissing and negating these, we run the risk of impoverishing the reality of what it means to be human.

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