The Snowflake Story – A Tale of Critical Mass


One winter night, two doves were nesting in a tree.

One dove looked at his pensive partner and asked “What are you thinking?”

“Nothing but nothing,” answered the second Dove, “just counting the snowflakes.”

“Why are you doing that?” asked the first dove.

“I’m trying to see how many it will take to create a paradigm shift.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I have just counted 1, 162, 261, 466 snowflakes…” answered the second dove, and as she said this, the 1, 162, 261, 467th snowflake fell and the weight of the combined snowflakes made the bough break.

The two birds flew into the air, as the branch they had been nesting on fell away.

This is the principle of critical mass.

The same is true for our own evolution, both as a personal pursuit and as a collective experience. As we gather momentum, the force of change creates a radical freedom, a radical shift in our awareness. The ground falls away to reveal a new reality, to let us fly.

The exact point of critical mass is superfluous, every shift in awareness is a move toward a paradigm shift.

We don’t know which snowflake will be the force that breaks the bough, but each is as integral to the process as the others.

This becomes the basis for the 3 to the power of 19 movement.

If 3 people awaken to the conscious evolution of humanity, and they tell just 3 people, and they tell 3 people, over 19 times, then the exponential impact of that results in 1, 162, 261, 467! Over a billion people!

That is how we create critical mass. That is how we fly.


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