What is the Enemy of Courage …. ?

I hope that the month of January was exceptionally wonderful for you! To be honest, things have been crazy for me, settling into new routines, testing out new boundaries, pushing limits and loving and being present for each moment as they come.


I would love to hear about your 2019 so far …


This evening however, I want to bring you something that has been on my heart and clearly on my mind.


That is the word …



Whereas the word FEAR has somewhere along the way become the enemy of COURAGE.


But why?


I want to suggest to you that this is wrong.


Because you see, let’s break this down a little bit — stick with me beautiful soul.


I want to challenge that the enemy is in fact DIS-COURAGE. And those who are in your life who add courage to you are known as EN-COURAGERS.


Still with me?


Then, there are people in our lives who want to tear us down, the naysayers, the ones who start to rob us of courage … These people are the DIS-COURAGERS.


And where do those people come from? Well, I believe they are scared of YOU changing their own status quo of you. After all, how dare you?! Right?


I found myself in this place. As many of you know I embarked on a journey of health, wellness and weight loss. And, I started to see some incredible results – from how I felt, how I saw myself and how others started to see me too. I was finding that stride in my walk, pep in my step and to some degree hoped others would celebrate that with me.


But, I started to have conversations that took a much different turn (or tone). These were the conversations where people weren’t happy for me. These talks involved comments with caution of ‘don’t go gaining it all back’ and ‘watch out you are going to start looking older’.


I mean … why?


Why do people fall into this dark place of …




I didn’t let them rob me however. Not this time.


Have you found yourself here before? How did you deal or manage it?


Let’s chat


Until next time …


Be Bold,

Be Brave,

Be Beautiful,


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