When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move

When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move

The predominant myth in our culture is that “success” is measured through the scope of imperial rationality: How much? How hard? How big?

While we women have made waves of epic proportions competing in that paradigm, we’ve fundamentally lost a part of ourselves in that quest. Within us swells a tsunami of loss, emptiness, and ennui. We have disconnected from our feminine essence and now feel lackluster in our careers, undervalued in our relationships, and unfulfilled in our own personal power. It’s time for women to WAKE UP and step into our greatest power, presence, and possibility. When you’re brave enough to step into your ecstasy, you claim your right to live an audaciously juicy life. Not only for yourself, but for the world.

In the upcoming posts, we’ll dive right into what being brave enough to be ecstatic means.


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